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Arjuna Bark Powder & Cancer

Arjuna Bark or Terminalia Arjuna has been extensively used in Ayurveda for its multitude of purposes and therapeutic goodness. Arjuna bark provides anti-microbial, hypotensive, antioxidant, anti-atherogenic, anti-mutagenic,  anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and is especially known for its cardioprotective actions. Arjuna is enriched with several minerals and polyphenols, arjunolic acid and gallates. (1)


Detailed studies are carried on to understand the anti-cancer properties of arjuna bark powder. Arjuna bark powder houses a plethora of therapeutic benefits and it has been observed administration of arjuna powder induces both necrosis and apoptosis in the carcinogenic cells. The powder arrests the growth of the cells in the G2/M cell phase and prevents their proliferation through the body. (2)


  1. In a study, arjuna bark powder was administered to human hepatoma cells and the mechanism of apoptosis was assessed. It was observed that arjuna bark powder inhibited the proliferation of carcinogenic cells. It recorded DNA fragmentation, p53 accumulation and cleavage of procaspase-3 protein in the cells. Administration of the powder caused cytotoxicity and led to apoptosis due to the expression of apoptotic proteins and induced DNA damage. (3)
  2. In another experiment, it was observed that administration of arjuna bark powder helps in the regulation of anaerobic metabolism by preventing the activity of lactate dehydrogenase as observed in lymphoma-infected mice. (4)
  3. In another study, bone marrow cells of albino mice and human lymphocyte culture were subjected to arjuna bark powder. It was observed that arjuna bark helped in ameliorating carcinogenicity effectively over time. (5)


Arjuna bark powder should be consumed in a 30-40ml dose, once or twice per day. You should mix the Arjuna bark powder into a water decoction. Or you can also consume arjuna bark powder (2-3 gms) with organic honey, once or twice a day. Arjuna bark powder is also available in tablets, tonics and devotions. Arjuna bark powder tea bags are available as well. (1)


Arjuna bark powder should be stored in cool and dark places. Store the powder in an air-tight sealed container and should not be subjected to extreme temperatures as it will denature the components. The shelf life of arjuna bark powder can last for a year. Keep the powder away from the reach of children. ( 6)


  1. Reduce blood clotting
  2. People under medication for pressure and diabetes should consult medical professionals before consuming arjuna bark powder
  3. Pregnant women should use arjuna bark powder in moderation and seek medical advice before doing so.(7)


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